The Thompsons’ Family Farm was so lively. Pastures were being mowed. Handmade decorations and florals were attentively being put in place. Some of the ring security boys were playing near the pond. Laughter and chatter filled the air. But, the hustle and bustle of wedding prep felt like it was miles away from us. The house was calmer. It was quiet. Serene. Peaceful. So welcoming and warm. And if we’re being honest, that’s the perfect description of the farm in general. Even with the commotion of getting ready, the farm was such a pleasant place to be. The sun was shining so bright, that it was glistening off the pond and adding an extra sparkle of warmth everywhere. We could have stayed out there admiring every inch of the land – we immediately saw why this was the perfect venue for Megan and George. Truly breathtaking. But we had to focus. There were more important things happening that needed our attention. Like we mentioned we were at the house. Just us, George, and a few members of his entourage. He was getting ready. He was physically going through the motions of tying his shoes, buttoning his vest jacket, and fixing his bowtie. But we could see the slight furrow on his brow. The distant look in his eyes. And the thoughts racing through his head. So we tried to distract him. “Alright George!” we said. “What are you looking forward to the most today?” At that moment, it looked like all the tension left his shoulders and he came back to. He sighed and told us that he “just want[ed] everything to be perfect. Especially for Megan.” When we tell you that our hearts melted into a big puddle at our feet, we’re not joking. So sweet! We reassured him that knowing the two of them, it was going to be just that and more. And spoiler alert, everyone who had a hand in bringing their day together did so PERFECTLY. Everything about their day, from the tiniest details to the most important moments, was truly flawless. 

This moment with George is so meaningful. It is filled with so much raw emotion. And we love it because it was not the only time that he made that statement. We joked with him later in the day that he was a million miles away in his thoughts. He unnecessarily apologized and mentioned his desire for perfection out of the day once again. But the second time, sweet, affectionate Megan looked at him in the most loving way, softly placed her hand on his cheek, and said, “Georgey, it is SO perfect.” At that point, we didn't think our hearts could handle any more cuteness from these two and the day had only just begun! We think these two moments are so important because it shows how much Megan and George mean to one another. They are the type of people who put others before themselves. They are caring and kind. They make their love known for you. And that is no different than their relationship with one another. Megan and George share such a romantic, deep connection. Their love for one another knows no bounds. Seeing the other person happy is their own happiness. And as you can tell from our story, they will do anything to ensure the other’s happiness. Megan and George know each other inside and out. They know what to say to each other and how to care for one another. This story shows the true meaning of sacrifice and commitment. To love someone so deeply that despite what you have going on, all you care about is the other person’s happiness. Just for that person to turn around and tell you exactly what you needed to hear. Now that’s love. And our hearts are so full to have witnessed a real-life romance novel fall into place right before our eyes. If you remember from their engagement session, joy is also a staple in their relationship. There is never a dull moment with Megan and George. They bring light and laughter into every situation. These two are so delightful to be around and just truly such beautiful people inside and out. No situation is taken too seriously with them and they are an inspiration for how well they just enjoy each and every moment together. Just how having a night of fun with their loved ones was one of their most important takeaways from their big day! Doesn’t get much better than that! If you haven’t gotten the gist yet, we think you need a little bit of Megan and George in your lives.

Megan and George, thank you. From the bottom of our very full hearts, thank you. Thank you for being effortlessly you. Thank you for welcoming us into your love story and your home to be a part of the magic that is your love for one another! Thank you for the opportunity to watch you build a beautiful life together. For wholeheartedly trusting us. Thank you for blessing us with so many wonderful memories. Like watching sweet Wesley follow Megan around all evening. Listening to the story of how you, George, lied about not knowing your very consistent Taco Bell order to be able to spend time with Megan. How both of you simultaneously wrote your vows in your vow book just moments before your first look. And how Megan charmingly wrote one of her pages upside down. How you started your marriage with a new plant blessed with the union of soil from both of your childhood homes. *brb we’re not crying at that one* Or how extremely happy you both were as you walked around and thanked all of your guests for celebrating alongside you. Your smiles are contagious. Your love is overwhelmingly beautiful. And we are just so thankful to know you both. Cheers to your forever! You already know we’ll be rooting for you every step of the way. 



Venue: Thompson Family Farm

Wedding Coordinator & Catering: Tonya with Your Day Your Way Events

Officiant: Michael Bayler

DJ: Legacy Entertainment Group

Videographer: Kerwin Alvero

Florals: Megan Thompson

HMU: Elisa Artistry

Gown: Bridal Boys

Groom’s Attire: Gentleman’s Quarters

Rings: Laura Lloyd

Invitation & Calligraphy: Megan Thompson

Photo Booth: Light Up Events