Downtown Kenosha was quiet that morning. The faint sound of lapping water from the dock nearby filled the silence in the air. The lush green ivy twisted and climbed its way up the brick building. The sun that was touching each leaf had just dipped back behind the clouds. It was refreshing. It was just what we needed. Shade. A cool breeze. It was perfect. But not as perfect as the scene unfolding in front of us. It was just us with them. Bridget and Brad were on cloud nine after sharing their personal vows with one another. Their smiles beamed brighter than the sun that was taking a break. They were running towards the camera hand-in-hand, sharing sweet cuddles, and endlessly laughing. We prompted them to do something a bit different. They stood next to one another. Brad’s hands were in his pockets. Bridget rested her right hand on his shoulder while the other one loosely held her bouquet. We told them to look in opposite directions and give us their best “bridal magazine model moment.” Essentially we asked them to tuck their smiles away and give us a smize. They pulled off this look so fiercely, but we could see the little twinkle in their eyes and the twitch of their lips as they remained serious. So we told them to look at each other and share a sweet laugh. Simultaneously, they both smiled their best smiles and giggled as they said, “WOW! That was so difficult!” 

This moment with Bridget and Brad is so pure. It is authentically them. And we love it. If anyone knows anything about B squared it’s that their happiness and smiles are without a doubt their best accessories. Bridget and Brad just bring so much joy to every situation. There truly isn’t a time when they aren’t smiling, which is why this moment is so sweet. We think they effortlessly pulled off the smize for photos, but it’s charming how they both said how hard it was to NOT smile. When Bridget and Brad smile, it’s contagious. There’s a sense of warmth about them that washes away any feeling that isn’t happiness. Simply put, it’s hard to be anything but happy when you’re around them. Don’t you remember the epitome of that statement playing out in front of our eyes during their engagement session when a college friend saw Bridget and was just so utterly happy to see her?! Honestly, that’s how we feel every time we are around these two. Happy. Content. Hearts so full. They are incredibly easygoing and welcoming. They have so much love for not only each other but everyone around them. Bridget and Brad are filled to the brim with compassion. They are caring. Nurturers by nature. They also love each other so fiercely while still being able to have fun together. They make each other laugh so easily and they can equally joke around with each other like the best of friends. Just like how Bridget was poking fun at Brad after they finished privately reading their vows to one another because he awkwardly turned to face us and gave us a shy wave to signal that we could join them again. All in good fun and filled with nothing but adoration for one another. Our hearts can hardly stand it! 

Bridget and Brad… where do we start? Thank you for continuously trusting us with your precious moments. Your wedding day was definitely a full circle moment for us after photographing not only your engagement session, but your proposal too. It has been the most magical experience to literally watch your love story unfold as time has passed. Our hearts are just so incredibly full thinking about all the beautiful memories we have shared with you. We know we are only a tiny part of your love story, but we are thankful nonetheless. Your wedding day, biasedly, is our favorite memory with you thus far. You executed your elegant boho vision so perfectly at Upper East that we are only shamelessly obsessed. The color palette, the pampas grass, the intricate details of your dress, the champagne wall…everything was perfect. Perfect for you and perfectly you! We’re still not over how you, Brad, gave a thumbs up after placing the ring on Bridget’s finger. We’re obsessed with your outfit change leading you into the best party moments of the evening. How you got married on your actual anniversary! And we are still over the moon with how you, Bridget, said that you only get one day to take all the photos, so you didn’t want us to apologize for going wild with photo ops. Our list goes on and on. We’re just so thankful for you both. We adore your love. And are so incredibly lucky to know you. Cheers to forever and more! We cannot wait to see the rest of your beautiful love story unfold! 




Venue: Upper East

Wedding Coordinator: Hanni Gould with Upper East

Officiant: Patricia Cornell

DJ: A Personal Touch DJ’s

Florals: Ling’s Moment

HMU: Jaide & Co. Bridal Artistry

Gown: Genevieve’s Bridal Couture

Bride’s Shoes: Journee Collection

Groom’s Attire: Mike Bjorn’s Clothing & Michael Kors

Rings: Blue Nile

Bridesmaid Dresses: Birdy Grey

Invitation Suite: The Knot

Catering: Culinary Infusion

Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes