We opened the door to the groom’s suite at the charming Royal Melbourne Country Club. It was a relaxed atmosphere at the venue, but there he was anxiously waiting for us. We smiled and asked if he was ready to see her for the first time. He set down his drink, took a deep breath, and jokingly said yes. And that’s when the cheering started. Kyle’s hype team (aka his groomsmen) started drum-rolling and cheering for him as he walked out the door. You could feel how supportive and excited they were for him in this moment. Leading him to the first look spot, Kyle mentioned he was most likely going to cry. Cue the heart eyes! Knowing how emotional Kyle felt, he did a great job appearing calm, cool, and collected. Especially because moments before he saw Melissa, we asked him how he was feeling. He took a deep breath and said “holding it back.” We were pretty sure Melissa was too. All the emotions leading up to seeing each other washed over them as she tapped him on the shoulder. Immediately upon meeting each other’s eyes, they were drawn to each other. Melissa and Kyle pulled each other into a long embrace. The long wait was finally over. It reminded us of the airport scene in the movies where the couple hasn’t seen each other in ages and are finally reunited. All of this to say, it was magical. 

We know, we know, we are talking about another first look, but this moment gets us on every wedding day. The fact that these two had only been apart for less than a day but hugged each other like it had been forever, shows us how much they truly love each other. Nothing else mattered except finally being together. We’re not normally ones to make assumptions, but if we had to guess, it is safe to say that these two don’t like being apart from one another. And we love that about them! Melissa and Kyle have such big hearts. It’s very fitting because they have the best support system from their families and friends. The amount of love pouring into these two people all day long was overwhelming in the best way possible. Even our hearts were full. If you ask anyone close to Melissa and Kyle, these two could be considered polar opposites. He likes golf, she likes baking. She likes white wine, he likes red. He’s an overthinker, she makes a decision and goes for it. With that in mind, they do say that opposites attract and that is 100% the case here. They may have many differences, but they are similar in all the right areas. It is kind of picture perfect. If we took anything away from this beautiful day, it was that all you need is love and good company. And these two pulled that off so effortlessly. 

Melissa and Kyle, we love your playful, easy going love. The way you constantly make each other laugh is so sweet. We’ve been obsessed with your relationship since your engagement session. More specifically, when you agreed to play around in the sand for THE shot. We knew we were meant to be ever since then! It was so special for us, especially Lexi, being a part of your big day. We cherish life’s important moments for all of our clients. But when the client is someone close to us (you, Melissa, with Lexi), it makes it that much more sweet. So we cannot say thank you enough for trusting us and letting us celebrate with you. We felt like part of the crew all day long, which is such an honor because you were surrounded by such a fun group of people. We will break it down with you all on the dance floor any day! We could go on and on, but we will end by saying that your vision came together beautifully and your love story is one for the books. Cheers to your forever!



Venue: Royal Melbourne Country Club

DJ: Music in Motion

Videographer: Brianne Tegel with Imagination Designers

Florist: Jamie with Town & Country Gardens 

Hair Stylist: Diene Herbst

Makeup Artist: Susin Greenberg

Wedding Dress Boutique: Diana’s Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer: Essence of Australia

Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka & Keds

Groom’s Suit and Designer: Men’s Wearhouse, JOE

Wedding Rings: Smart Jewelers

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Invitation Suite: Zazzle

Food & Catering: Royal Melbourne Country Club

Wedding Cake Bakery: The Baking Institute

Photobooth: Picture Perfect