It was a beautiful afternoon. The sun was trying to peek through the clouds. But don’t be fooled. It was chilly. Not cold enough for snow, but not warm enough to be outside without a jacket for too long. So, Natalie and Matt did the smartest thing you can do. Cuddled close together. They shared endless kisses and kept each other warm. They giggled. They joked around with each other. They made loving one another look so easy! We asked them to cuddle close and smile at the camera. And then Matt surprised us. He smirked at the camera and kissed Natalie on the cheek instead. She smiled into the moment of affection as if his sweet kiss was nothing new. If we’re being honest, Matt loving on Natalie must be a staple in their relationship, because he did that multiple times during our session! He smothered her in smooches. He just couldn’t help himself! Our hearts melted into big puddles right then and there just watching these two. 

We love this sweet moment between Matt and Natalie. We love the fact that he took the pose that we prompted them into and made it his own. Because it shows us exactly who they are as a couple. Natalie and Matt smile endlessly around one another. You can feel their happiness. Pure, genuine happiness to have each other. These two are so loving towards one another. They have so much love to give that all they can do is be affectionate. Almost as if they can’t get enough of each other. The amount of times Matt took Natalie’s hand and kissed it like he was in an old-school romance film still has us swooning! This kiss on the cheek moment speaks volumes to us because it reminded us that the most important thing about our jobs isn’t “getting the shot.” It’s allowing our couples to wholeheartedly be themselves. We want those silly moments that allow your personalities to shine through. And we want the unprompted, tender in-between moments too. There’s nothing sweeter than showcasing a love story by telling it exactly as it is in real life. And these two let us do just that! Man, our hearts are so happy! 

Natalie and Matt, we cannot thank you enough for letting us celebrate your engagement and your little blessing. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and we just know that you two were destined to be together! We loved watching you two goof around while doting over one another. Please don’t ever stop showing each other how much you love one another. Keep stealing smooches and spending your days laughing. Here’s to your beautiful future together!