It was a bustling day in the heart of Chicago. The city streets were alive with energy and movement. Amidst the hustle and bustle, I found myself strolling down a familiar street. Jeweler's Row. A place I'd passed by countless times in college without ever giving it a second glance. I'm actually disappointed that I never paid attention. Because the sun was high in the sky. It was casting its golden rays upon the jewelry stores, turning the display cases into shimmering showcases of sparkling gems and diamonds. It was breathtaking. And as I stepped inside Diamonds on Wabash, I was greeted by the warmest smiles and the friendliest faces. I felt a wave of joy and happiness wash over me, as if I had walked into the embrace of long-lost friends. Despite never having set foot in the store before, I felt like I was among family. The cutest part of that statement is that Diamonds on Wabash is more than just a jewelry store—it's a family-owned and run business that radiates love and warmth in every corner. And I love that they make everyone feel like part of their family.

But here's the twist: I wasn't there to shop for jewelry. No, I was there for another photoshoot. Better yet, an opportunity to capture the magic of this enchanting place filled with beautiful people inside and out. You've heard me mention them many times before, but Perla and Reni (two of my favorite makeup artists), put another content day together. This time we left the studio and decided to focus on the glam and the bling. And it did not disappoint. The energy of the entire session was nothing short of electric. As we worked together to bring the vision to life, there was an undeniable sense of camaraderie and connection among everyone involved. Our models exuded confidence and beauty, that was enhanced by their handpicked accessories. My favorite part was how encouraging everyone was to one another. Compliments were flying around just as quickly as people were walking down the street. And it was a privilege to be a part of such a beautiful experience. I mean, can you imagine anything better than playing dress-up with stunning jewelry while feeling like you're part of a family? Maybe that was the key to such a successful day. The warmth and happiness everyone felt from the store. The instant feeling of being welcomed and accepted. It was definitely a day filled with love and a whole lot of sparkle. And it's absolutely a memory I'll cherish forever.

So here's to the magic of Jewelers Row and the beautiful souls at Diamonds on Wabash who made you feel like royalty. Here's to the creativity and passion that radiates from Perla and Reni. And here's to the beautiful people who let me capture their beauty. May we all be reminded to embrace the joy and beauty that surrounds us, wherever we may find ourselves. And may we all strive to make others feel as welcomed and loved as the DOW family!

Store & Jewelry: Diamonds on Wabash

Makeup: Highlights by Reni & Makeup by Perla

Hair: Glam Hair by Leema

Models: Amila & Lume