Have we mentioned that we love what we do? Because if you haven’t heard us say that, here’s your reminder that we LOVE what we do. There’s nothing better than being a part of a moment, an event or a milestone for two crazy-in-love people. And you know what’s even better than that? When those two people hold a special place in our hearts. That’s exactly what this session was for us. Sabina and Chris are like family. They’re two of Emily and her husband’s closest friends. And as they stood cuddled close together in the center of the towering rows of pine trees, we were in awe. They were so infatuated with one another. They were glowing. Filled with excitement and joy as they each held on to the sonogram. Sabina and Chris looked at each other and squeezed one another a little tighter. As if in reassurance that their prayers had actually been answered. That before they knew it, their precious babe would be in their arms. Wow, was it all a sight to see.

How do you witness a moment like that and not smile? Because our smiles never left our faces. Sabina and Chris are so endearing. Their happiness and excitement were contagious. Which means our cups were majorly overflowing because we were already extremely happy for them before their session! Talk about full hearts and endless happy moments! But you know what we loved most about watching these two during their session? How simply obvious their love for one another is. Their love is grand. It is gentle. They share a classic and romantic love. And boy was it as plain as day how much it had grown since finding out about their little blessing. These two have always been quite the power couple. An example for many. Adventurous. Caring. Full of faith. And so in love. (If you need an extra reminder of how perfect Sabina and Chris are, check out their “just for fun” session from the summer)... So, to see them embark on this next season of life together from the very beginning was so magical!

Sabina and Chris, you already know how we feel about you. So we’re just here to say how thankful we are that you let us be a part of your sweet moments. Your smiles make us smile and your happiness fills our hearts with so much joy! It was such an honor to help you announce your pregnancy and we have absolutely loved watching you become parents. Parenthood suits you both so well! Cheers to you Mom + Dad.