It was a quiet evening in Lincoln Park. The hustle and bustle of the boardwalk by South Pond was limited to a few people enjoying the scenery and the soothing sounds of nature. There was a bit of a chill in the air as the clouds took over the sky. So maybe that’s why we got so lucky. But we wouldn’t have had it any other way. It really was just us and them. Soaking up the tender moments of pure excitement as they showed off their sonogram and cuddled close to one another. They were beaming. They were excited. They were genuinely, wholeheartedly so happy to be celebrating their tiny blessing. And thinking about those precious moments still makes our hearts skip a beat! As they were walking hand-in-hand to the Honeycomb they had the biggest smiles on their faces. And that’s when Kyle turned all of our smiles into laughter that echoed through the park. He made a comment about how he and his friends may or may not have magically found themselves at the construction site of the Honeycomb way back when even though it was closed to the public. We looked at Tilynn and started laughing as we simultaneously said something along the lines of, “Shhh… don’t tell the baby that you used to break the rules! You don’t want to give him or her any ideas this early!” 

It was such a lighthearted, joyful moment that came out of an already happy celebration of life. That’s honestly the perfect description of Tilynn & Kyle though. They are such lovely people with great senses of humor. Having fun and enjoying the finer things in life seem to be staples in their relationship. They don’t take things too seriously. And as you can see they are able to joke around with one another while still making it very clear that their love for one another knows no bounds. Their jokes aside, when these two embrace each other it looks like all their worries just melt away. They both light up when they look at each other and their happiness is radiant. Now that’s the perfect type of relationship if you ask us. From the short time we spent with them, we could totally see how easy-going they both are. No was never an answer (even when we asked them to lay on the ground for a photo, thank you again for that one guys!). And it was very evident that they were just completely over the moon to be in that moment getting ready to tell the world that they are expecting their first baby. It was such a heartwarming session to be a part of. 

Ti & Ky (sorry we don’t think we will ever be able to call you anything else because your names rhyme too perfectly), thank you for trusting us with your special announcement. We absolutely loved getting to know you and being able to celebrate your blessing with you through laughter and lots of sweet moments. We truly think that baby girl is so lucky to have you as her parents. And we can totally see you two being the fun, cool ‘rents! Cheers to this next chapter of your lives. We know it’s going to be your best season yet filled with so many more laughs and beautiful memories!