The warm, milky water surrounded her. Bright orange, red, and yellow flowers floated on the surface, complimenting her hair color. Her white, lace dress sticking to her baby bump as she laid in the water. She was glowing. Everyone could feel the happiness she was radiating. Samantha was amazed at what her body could do during pregnancy and she wanted to celebrate this precious miracle. And we don’t blame her. It’s actually quite amazing what a woman’s body can do to grow a little human. Add fresh flowers, a vision, and a mama-to-be’s smile, magic is made. 

It was clear to us that Samantha was soaking in every second of being pregnant. While body changes during pregnancy can be hard sometimes, she embraced it. She wanted to document this time in her life and showcase how amazing her body was. And we are here for it! We absolutely loved her willingness to go along with our ideas for this session, and Sam nailed it. She looked absolutely stunning and confident rocking that baby bump in the milk bath. We couldn’t contain our excitement the entire time! 

Sam, thank you, thank you, thank you! It was a dream to work with you. You were so amazing during the session and looked beautiful doing it! You brought our vision to life, and we are so thankful for that! Baby boy is already here and we can see how amazing of a mama you are. Enjoy that precious little one of yours. You deserve it!