The mid-November sun defied expectations. It should have been cold. The trees should have been bare. But it cast a warm glow over us as it saturated the few bits of color that painted the trees around us. The warmth set the stage for a day filled with an abundance of love and joy. Which is fitting because Ana and Michael are truly such welcoming and warm people. More on who they are later. 

It was just us and them. Concorde Banquets was our playground and Ana and Michael’s love was our muse. Name something more perfect, we’ll wait. They shared their adorable first look while showering one another with endless compliments and kisses. They laughed. Cracked jokes. Embraced one another. They admired the perfect day unfolding at their finger tips. And then Michael paused. His phone was ringing and his face lit up with sheer relief as he revealed their friend's timely arrival to Ana. With a sly grin, Michael looked at the camera and said, “you're going to want to capture this reaction." From his mouth to her ears, Michael admitted that he had forgotten the rings in his hotel room. And that their friend had come to the rescue, turning a potential hiccup into a charming memory. Ana, caught up in the unexpected chaos of the situation, burst into a fit of giggles. Those giggles contagiously made Michael laugh and neither of them could contain themselves. Laughter quickly became the soundtrack of their day, which now that we think about it, it might as well be the soundtrack of their love story. 

This moment with Ana and Michael is so special. It was a moment that encapsulated the spontaneity and genuine happiness that permeated their entire celebration and their relationship too. Especially because these two are so effortlessly happy together. They light up when they talk about one another and they shine brighter than the sun when they are with one another. The moment is also a beautiful reminder to never sweat the small stuff but stay focused on the bigger picture. Love. The love that binds you and your partner together. The love that brought you to your big day in the first place. But more than that, this moment is the perfect depiction of who Ana and Michael are. If you remember from their engagement session, Michael is definitely a classic jokester. He is witty and quick on his feet, so it almost seemed on brand for this hiccup to happen. There’s never a dull moment when you’re with him and we find that so charming. He handled the situation so well. And it made for a very comedic punchline to make Ana laugh. Ana laughs endlessly when she is around Michael. Which in turn makes him laugh with her. You’d be hard pressed to find a moment where these two aren’t at least smiling at one another. The moment also shows a lot about Ana’s heart. She is so poised and easy to please. She’s beautiful inside and out and has the most contagious laugh. We saw how much Ana loves and trusts Michael. And just how much she appreciates his sense of humor. There was no anger. No worry. There were no questions asked. But instead she found the simple joy of the moment. Almost as if she expected something to go wrong but had full faith that Michael would find a solution. These two making loving look easy. They are so comfortable with one another and bring out the best in each other. They are very easygoing and are always down for a good time. They're the life of the party and can certainly brighten any room with just their smiles alone. They love each other and their people hard. So much so that you should consider yourself lucky to be loved by them. 

Ana and Michael, simply put, thank you. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for sharing your laughter and your love. Being on the receiving end of your loving hearts is truly an unexplainable feeling. So thank you. Thank you for letting us be a part of the magic of your day. It was so wholesome to witness the fusion of your cultures, from the Jewish traditions in your ceremony to the lively Brazilian music that packed the dance floor. Everything came together to paint a beautiful picture of cultural richness. Your wedding was a celebration not just of your love and joy but also of the harmonious union of your diverse backgrounds. We truly feel like every photograph is a testament to the beauty of your love story. Cheers to you A & M! Ana is officially Brownstoned and our hearts are so happy for you! #anagetsbrownstoned.


Venue & Catering: Concorde Banquets

Wedding Planner: Luana Carina

Officiants: Ado Ljubijankic & David Jacob

DJ: Howard Wallach with AZ Entertainment

Florist: Something Borrowed Blooms

Beauty: Beaute Luxe

Gown: Diana's Bridal & Stella York

Bride's Shoes: Lulus

Tux: Indochino

Rings: Fiouro Jewels

Invitation Suite: Zazzle

Cake: Lalas Home Sweets

Ketubah: The Ketubah Store