Winter was making herself known. The chill of November settled in. But it was golden hour. Arguably, the best time of any day. Especially this one. It was a day that held the promise of something special. Something that Olivia and Kevin had been eagerly anticipating. We were standing in a small chapel perched high on a hill. Small but beautiful. Intimate and warm. Protected from the chill of the outdoors and blessed with how the sun painted the entire scene in soft, golden hues. The ethereal rays filtered through the stained glass windows, casting a romantic glow in every corner of the room. We were in awe. It was all so perfect. This day became a canvas for their love story unfolding in the most enchanting way. And that’s when the double doors opened. We all saw her. Olivia stood holding her eldest son’s hand. They were perfectly framed by the doorway. And the golden glow lightly kissed the jewels adorning her waist adding an extra sparkle to the chapel. She locked eyes with Kevin. Kevin, standing tall and composed, radiated pride and joy. They both smiled at each other as she elegantly made her way down the aisle. She glanced from Kevin down to her son and back again. At the end of the aisle she bent down to hug and kiss the little man who stole her heart first. The little man who proudly gave his mom to his new role model. Kevin adoringly watched this embrace and shared a moment of his own with his step son. And in that moment, the atmosphere was charged with sentiment and meaning. In that small chapel, amidst their closest people and surrounded by the warmth of love, Olivia and Kevin's family became complete. 

This moment is powerful. It was of course a beautiful scene to witness. Olivia was stunning. A radiant winter princess of a bride. Kevin looked dapper, proudly watching as his loved ones approached him. And both of them were undoubtedly glowing. Maybe they were glowing a little bit from the setting sun, but a lot of their glow came from their love for one another. Looking back at their engagement session, it has always been evident that Olivia and Kevin’s love for one another knows no bounds. They are passionate. They are romantic. They hold their fondest memories dear to their hearts. Sentimental is a great word to describe them. Their happiness is evident in every smile, every glance, and every shared moment. Olivia and Kevin’s love for one another radiates as warm as the setting sun — which makes a lot of sense as to why we were blessed with such a vibrant sunset. They bring such bold warmth to the world through their love for one another and everyone around them. One can see the grandness of their love in the way their friends and family talk about them. It’s plain as day that Olivia and Kevin were two souls who were destined to meet. Meant to be together. Perfect for one another. So, it was not just a walk down the aisle; it was a compelling, sentimental journey—the picturesque moment their family would become whole. The moment that Kevin officially embraced his new roles not only as a husband but as a father. And the moment that Olivia embraced being more than just a mother, but a wife. Their exchange of vows marked the official joining of hearts and lives. It was the beginning of a dream, the solidifying of a promise, and a journey towards a shared forever. Now that’s a love story if we’ve ever heard one.

Olivia and Kevin, thank you. Thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to witness the beginning of a new chapter of your story. And thank you for letting us be a tiny part of it all. Thank you for trusting us to weave the threads of your love story into a day that will be etched in your memories forever. Your statement that you will always trust our (Windy City Production’s and our) creativity was truly the best way to end such a perfect day. Our hearts still want to burst just thinking about how wholesome that statement was. Thank you for being your genuine, joyful, and easygoing selves. It was such a treat to watch you embrace the cold and cuddle close for portraits. To see the awe and excitement you had to celebrate in the Illumination Garden at The Morton Arboretum. It was heartwarming to watch you two relive the first night you met and play a round of Hook & Ring during your reception. Your day was perfect. And it was perfectly you. Cheers to your new beginning and the beautiful life you are building together. May you enjoy endless backyard parties with your boys by your side and still sneak away to share those romantic moonlit kisses! #KevinAndLivie2023


Church: St. James at Sag Bridge

Venue: Thornhill Education Center at The Morton Arboretum

Priest: Father Tom Koys

DJ: Dimensional DJ Entertainment

Videographer: Windy City Production

Florals: Vinces Flower Shop

Bride’s Shoes: Ralph Lauren

Groom’s Attire: Indochino

Rings: Bella Cosa Jewelers

Invitation Suite: Minted

Catering: Ginkgo Catering

Cake: DeEtta’s Bakery