Think about the movies. The girl finds her dream dress. She is over the moon and filled with butterflies, such a special and emotional moment. And with that, her soon-to-be hubby has NO idea what it looks like. The cluelessness is so real that if someone were to ask him what he thinks her dress will look like, he won’t even be able to put a description to his thoughts. This wasn’t the case for Daniel. As they were standing side by side holding hands and smiling at each other, we asked him if he had any idea of what Kathy’s dress looks like. They both began to laugh. Kathy sighed and told us that this was another thing on their to-do list that they were untraditional about. She smirked and told us that Daniel was with her for the entire experience and he helped pick out her dress. He was beaming when he told us that he absolutely loves it even though he thought she looked beautiful in all the dresses she tried on. That’s even better than the movies if you ask us. 

This is what we adore about Kathy and Daniel. They are SO easygoing. They definitely are a bit more reserved, but we can tell that they are their true selves around each other. There is a certain glow and spark when they look at each other. It is so admirable! We LOVE the fact that they are doing what makes them happy for their wedding. We tell clients all the time to, if anything, remember that it’s their day and no one else’s. If there is anything deemed untraditional that you want to do, just do it! Be like Kathy and Daniel and choose your happiness first. We can tell you from seeing these two that it is worth it. Their smiles never leave their faces especially when talking about moments like the one we described. Many people may find him seeing the dress before the big day taboo, but it just shows us how they love to be together for all of life’s big moments and decisions. It was very sweet too. Kathy almost seemed relieved knowing that Daniel was with her when she chose her dress. Like it wouldn’t have been the same experience without him. And knowing that puts a smile on our faces! 

Kathy and Daniel, thank you, thank you, thank you! We loved working with you for a second time, especially because the first time was just for FUN before you were engaged. (If you haven't seen that adorable session, you can view it here.) You know we are always down for “just because” photos. You two are so fun to work with and such a joy to be around. We love how you make each other laugh and are so comfortable with one another. Don’t ever stop cherishing both the big and small moments together. We can’t wait for you to have the wedding of your dreams and to start your life together in New York!