It was a cloudy day at Independence Grove. The leaves were painting the world with hues of gold and crimson. It was the perfect setting. The perfect afternoon. All with the perfect couple. Megan and David stood on a grassy bank overlooking the water. Their love was shining brighter than the sun that was hidden behind the clouds. They cuddled close. Both of them resting a hand gently on Megan's belly. I couldn't help but marvel at the profound love and gratitude radiating between them. They were proud. They were thankful. And they were so in love – not just with each other, but with the beautiful life they're creating together. Then came the moment that made my heart skip a beat. I casually asked them if they had chosen baby boy's name. They both shyly chuckled as they let me know that they had planned to keep it a surprise until he was born. Not even a breath later, Megan said something that took me by surprise. Sweet, sweet Megan glanced up at David with a twinkle in her eye and a tone filled with warmth and trust as she said, "It's Emily. We can tell her."

This is royally dramatic, I know. But in that instant, time seemed to stand still. I'm fairly certain I let out a squeal of happiness and blacked out while trying to hide my happy tears. I truly cannot explain what I felt in that moment. Extreme trust. Gratitude. LOVE. Wow, I felt SO loved. It was a simple gesture, yet it spoke volumes about the bond the three of us had created over the years – a bond built on those emotions and the unwavering commitment to capturing life's precious moments together. I couldn't fathom that these two had simply trusted me to capture their precious moments over and over again, but were now letting me know that their trust in me goes far beyond photos. They trust me as a friend. They trust me as family. I hope you all know that this moment is just the perfect explanation of Megan and David. I'm sitting here with happy tears welling up in my eyes all over again as I type this, because I don't know what I did to deserve knowing two people like them. Megan and David are so loving and gentle. They are kind. They are genuine. They are the type of people you just want to sit and talk with for hours about everything and anything. Megan and David are those friends that you catch up with whenever adulthood allows you and it feels like nothing changed. They fill your heart with so much joy. And they just light up any room. If you haven't already, I urge you to find yourselves a Megan and David if you can't get ahold of the real deal. These are two people that I absolutely can't fathom not having in my life!

Megan & David... welp. You've done it again. You and your precious love story and your big hearts have melted me into a big old puddle. And all I can do is thank you. Thank you for being not only my clients, but my friends. And not just any friends. Friends who have welcomed me into your lives with open arms and hearts. Thank you for letting me love on you guys for the past four years. Thank you for reciprocating said love tenfold. Thank you for the reminding me of the relationships I strive to cultivate with everyone who becomes a part of this lil family. Relationships rooted in trust, authenticity, and a shared love for storytelling. Thank you for your never-ending trust in me. Thank you for the happy tears. The belly laughs. And all the moments in between. I am endlessly grateful for you two (now three)! And if I say anymore, I may just start actually crying. So, I hope I got my point across. XOXO

By the way, here's a fun fact about our friendship... for the past four consecutive years, I've had the privilege of photographing Megan and David as they celebrated different milestones in their journey together. On October 14, 2021 we relived the magic of their proposal during their engagement session. On October 15, 2022 we happy cried as they started their forever together on their beautiful wedding day. This maternity session happened on October 16, 2023. And I helped them welcome their sweet baby boy this January (blog post coming soon!). Minus their newborn session (it's okay, we forgive you for choosing winter little man), those dates couldn't be more perfect if we tried. Sounds like each session was truly meant to be and was a testament to the beautiful love Megan and David share.